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SmartChartz® began life in 2001 after I made the decision to give up work to look after our two children. My older daughter was then aged six and my younger daughter was two years old. Prior to this, I had been a Risk and Litigation Manager (a job I loved) and often arrived back home just in time to put the girls to bed. This was not my ideal but I had to work, as many parents have to do, and had to balance my work commitments with bringing up my children.

In 2001 the wonderful girl who looked after my children, resigned unexpectedly. Although it came as a surprise, I decided to carry on as normal and find someone else to replace her.

However it was my older daughter's reaction that totally shocked me and made me change my mind. She was so distraught at the thought of her leaving that she threw herself on the floor crying inconsolably that no one loved her, not her friend because she was going away and not me as I was always at work.

This broke my heart and also became my turning point. I resigned from work to look after my children then promptly started to drown! I had no experience of disciplining and looking after my girls, without having a 'fall back' position as my family did not live close by. In fact, the children soon found out that I was a "soft touch".

I was shocked that I could manage my staff at work, but at home my life was dominated by a constant stream of threats, tears and arguments. I thought about the risk management systems I had used at work, which turned negatives into positives, and realised that I could use these skills to turn my children's behaviour around.

I devised a simple task and reward system that I explained to my girls. We then negotiated the tasks I wanted them to do and agreed the outcomes for their carrying them out well. They were both excited as they could clearly see what was expected of them and what they would receive for carrying out their end of the bargain successfully.

The moment I put the chart up on the wall, listing our agreements, was the moment my life changed for the better. There were no more fights, arguments and constant requests for them to do the same thing repeatedly. It was, and indeed still is, Nirvana on earth!

However, it was only when other parents, who saw it on my kitchen wall, asked me to make them the same thing for use with their own children that I realized that a ready made version of the system could benefit other parents and carers.

Initially, I was only going to have 500 templates made up for sale at a School Fair. However, the local printer that I approached to do this for me pointed out that parents across the country would love a product like this and that I should make enough for nationwide distribution. I discussed it with my husband, who has been my rock and my support throughout this process, we came up with the name SmartChartz and the rest is history in the making.

Have fun with SmartChartz it will make a difference to your family life.

Abiola Beverly Ajayi-Obe
Founder of SmartChartz Republic



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